7 Important Things You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an important part of the anti-aging aesthetic medicine. However, there are a lot of confusions and misconceptions regarding this famous cosmetic injection. Here are 7 of the most important things you need to know about dermal fillers before finally getting your treatment done. 

Dermal fillers lift skin and restore lost volume

Fillers are made up of gels. These gels are chemically modified hyaluronic acid. Once injected, the gels restore the volume particularly in the temples and cheeks area. In turn, it will give a lifting effect, making skin look a lot youthful. Aside from this, fat and bone loss are replaced by these fillers. When done well, it could result in a more natural and aesthetically beautiful skin.

More dermal filler injections aren’t always better

Dermal fillers, botox, and other types of cosmetic injections can be addictive. One of the biggest problems dermal filler treatments nowadays is overfilling which gave the rise to the phenomenon called pillow face phenomenon. The pillow face phenomenon is when women and men who look too puffy because of too many dermal fillers injected on their face. Pillow face phenomenon occurs when a patient asked for more and more fillers than the prescribed amount by their physician. Putting in the right amount will make you look better. But when a critical point has been reached, that is the point where you will look worse.

Dermal fillers could last a long time

Unlike botox which typically lasts around 3 months only, dermal fillers could last for up to 2 years because of its chemical composition. 

Every doctor, physician or dermatologist’ style can be different

It’s important to understand your doctor’s style and whether their botox clinic is right for you, in Melbourne you may ask for before and after photos of other anti wrinkle procedures. This will help you learn more about what you can expect from the procedure.

Your doctor’s expert opinion is as essential as your dermal filler product

Having dermal fillers in the wrong hands could result in a disaster. There are reports of some beauty salons performing dermal filler injections by some untrained therapists. Most of these salons offered discounted price compared to a legitimate clinic. Always remember that a reputable dermal filler brand can only be acquired by a licensed doctor, if you are looking for dermal fillers Melbourne then click here. It will be extremely dangerous for you to have an unregistered salon manage to get their hands on your skin.

Not continuing dermal filler injections won’t make you look worse

This is one of the common misconceptions about dermal fillers. They say that once you start injecting them, you can never stop. Because once you do, your skin will sag and may look worse than before. The truth is, after just one treatment, you’ll already look better and even after the dermal fillers disappear in a year or so, your look won’t get worse.

Several complications could happen

Though dermal fillers, botox and other types of cosmetic injections are truly remarkable, the adverse effect could possibly occur. Complications vary from mild to common side effects including bruising and temporary swelling. The more serious side effect includes delayed immune reaction and infection.

Knowing the benefits, possible risks and side effects of dermal fillers could help you before finally deciding to have the treatment done on your skin.