Qualifications Needed For A Marketing Career

Marketing is one of the few fields that will always be as essential as it is lucrative despite the field you are in. Most of the time, marketing departments work hand in hand with other departments such as advertising in order to solve the various problems that exist in the market such as how to handle competition. However, the big question remains, do you need a bachelor’s degree to carve a career in the field or can you make do with just a diploma?

Well, most professionals in the marketing field hold a number of degrees. Not just one in marketing. You would therefore need at least the bachelor’s degree in marketing if you are going to compete with the more seasoned professionals in the field.

This being said, it is important to note that you can still get started in the field just by having a diploma which ordinarily takes nine to twelve months. However, a diploma is not going to be enough to keep you going if you plan to advance in the field because you are going to be up against people who not only have a bachelor’s degree under their belt, but also months (sometimes years) of experience in the field thanks to internships.

This brings us to the next important note, experience. Unlike a couple of decades ago, being qualified on paper is not enough in terms of qualification anymore. Prospective employers are looking for someone who knows what to do once they are on the ground especially since marketing is a field that requires a lot of consumer market research to find out new ways to either sell people the same products they have been using or new products they think they don’t need. It is a tough industry and only the strongest survive. In marketing, like in every other field, street smart needs to match and sometimes surpass books smart which is why internships are important. In some countries, internships are actually part of the course outline meaning that they are graded. Yes, even though you might be in a paying job, you are still very much a student and the stakes are much higher this time round because it is not just your school professors you have to impress, you have to also impress your future boss as well.

One thing that you need to consider while figuring out if you want to stick with your marketing diploma or progress to a bachelor’s degree is what you want to achieve in your career. A diploma can get you a number of well-paying positions such as a junior marketing coordinator or marketing assistant but if you want to be a bigwig in the industry and maybe even run your own accounts, then a bachelor of business is definitely warranted. After all, no company wants to hand their account, their literal bread and butter, to a youngling who knows nothing about the market.

In conclusion, marketing is a very broad field that can accommodate both qualifications: diploma and/or bachelor’s degree. It all depends with your individual career plans. Considering it is one of the fields that has this benefit, it would be advisable to take advantage since it will give you a great head start both in your career and your finances. This being said, a bachelor’s degree would definitely be the way to go, if you think a bachelor of marketing is for you then follow here for more information. There’s always an opportunity to get started, but hold off career decisions for too long else you will always be behind.